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New Rotary valves: Basic, Protective, Clean, Hygienic, Heavy

New Rotary valves in Hygienic Design acc. to EHEDG - Guidelines

The solids Rotary valve Type SRVS has been advanced by S.S.T.-Schüttguttechnik GmbH to Hygienic Design. It is easy to dismantle and easy to clean and has been planned acc. HACCP and EHEDG -guidelines, suitable for food stuffs, with extensible rotar and optional check guide rails.
All solids rotary valves of this series comply already with the new machinery directive 2000/42/EC, which has been effective since 29.12.2009. Within the required risk evaluation also have been considered the microbiological, physical and chemical demands. The GMP- / FDA-requirements and the DIN EN 1672-2 are fulfilled with measures as: in contact with product polished (interior), ground, surface quality acc. required Ra-value, all sealings without any cracks, optionally electropolished, free of dead spots.
Where total freedom of cracks and dead spots is not possible, it has been paid attention to easy dismantling and cleaning.
The solids Rotary valve Type SRVS is also suitable for the use under Ex-conditions. It has been tested by a well known and accredited testing center, the DEKRA – Exam. The prototype test has certified the suitability for zone 20. Therefore this rotary valve can be applied with declaration of conformity in zone 20 category 1 acc. ATEX RL 94/9/EC.
Available as protection system acc. ATEX is the subsidiary series Typ SRVP.
Due to this the operator has a maximum of plant safety.

Besides the programme of new Rotary valves of S.S.T.-Schüttguttechnik also contains Rotary valves in Basic-, Protective-, Clean- und Heavy-Design.

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