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Emptying devicesDispositivos de vaciadoÉquipements de vidange
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solids Emptying devices

Bulk solids are discharged from: Big bags, containers, sacks, or barrels. The reliable and usable complete solution provides Big bag attachment, dustproof connection, discharging and integrated control.

The container to be discharged is moved into a suitable position. Then the solid goods are discharged, either by free-fall or using a discharging device or metering device. Frequently, a discharging tool is required to facilitate product flow and to ensure a complete discharge.



Detailed specifications can be found in the DATASHEETS

Big-Bag Dischargers Type BBD

Dustproof and easy-to-operate emptying of all types of big-bags, docking unit manually operated or pneumatically with clamping device.
Options: double rocker and tumble frame as a discharge aid, hopper, metering equipment, big-bag handling by crane or forklift.

Big-Bag Discharger Type BBD 

Selectionsheet BBD


Datasheet Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-V-Basic

Datasheet Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-V-Clean

Datasheet Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-W-Basic

Datasheet Big-Bag-Discharger BBD-W-Clean

Big-Bag Dischargers Type BBD-Hygienic

Big-Bag Discharger Type BAB

Economic solution: big-bag support plate with base frame.
Options: discharge aid vibration hopper with unbalanced motor or tumbling device with pneumatic cylinder and punching tool, discharge hopper.


Big-Bag Discharger Type BAB

Selectionsheet BAB

Datasheet Big-Bag-Discharger BAB-C-Basic

Datasheet Big-Bag-Discharger BAB-C-Clean

Big-Bag Sack Discharger Type SBD

Dustfree and easy operating emptying of all kinds of big-bags and sacks in one equipment, modular construction, options for big-bag-handling by crane or fork-lifter, different discharge helps, inliner traction device,
sack-chute Type SMS, optional with vibration sieve, filter, fan, discharge help, also for separate installation.


 Big-Bag Sack Discharger Type SBD

Selectionsheet SBD

Container Discharger Type CVD

Dustfree emptying of all kinds of containers, all-purpose, all dosing and conveying systems can be connected, all container sizes possible.


Container Discharger Type CVD

Datasheet Container Discharger Type CVD

Bag Discharger Type SMS

Dustfree and easy operating emptying of all kinds of sacks, optional with vibration sieve, filter, fan, discharge help, weighing and dosing.

Bag Discharger Type SMS

Datasheet Sack-Discharger SMS-Basic

Datasheet Sack-Discharger SMS-Clean

Datasheet Sack-Discharger SMS-Hygienic