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Fine dosingFine dosingFine dosing
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Fine dosing - The fine art of fine dosing

S.S.T. Schüttguttechnik GmbH introduces on the German market a new brand of gravimetric micro feeders and powdering machines on the brand name Fine dosing. Thanks to an exclusive principle of extraction, highly developed, Fine dosing system is creating new standards in term of accuracy, speed and flexibility.

How does this technology work?
Take a coin on a paper sheet, and move it with an alternate movement whom return speed is higher than forward way. You can see that the coin is moving to the right side of the sheet…
Movement is given by a mechanical mechanism working in oil bath, designed for long term operation with low maintenance needs.
Based on this principle; a full range of advanced feeders and solutions has been developed: loss-in-weight feeders, Micro feeders of high accuracy, powdering machines, multi heads volumetric feeders.



Loss in weight feeder

For batch feeding from 10 g to 50 kg, with accuracy from 1 g. This feeder can feeder can be operated in a continuous mode, with flow regulation.

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Fine dosing Loss in weight feeder

Case study Fine dosing batch feeder

Micro feeder with high accuracy

Design for small and accurate batch feeding. Four level of accuracy, from 0.1 g to 0.1 mg.

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Fine dosing Micro feeder with high accuracy

Case study Fine dosing Micro feeder

Case study Fine dosing Micro feeder SPAc 

Linear powdering machine

For continuous scattering of dry ingredients, width up to 2 m.


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Fine dosing Linear powdering machine

Case study Fine dosing Linear powdering machine


Multi-heads feeder

The best solution on the market, to give on multiple application points, a simultaneous, quick and accurate dispensing of ingredient, with perfect sprinkling effect.

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Case study Fine dosing Multi-heads feeder 

Hygienic packing machine

For accurate filling of bags or pots: accuracy below 1 g.


Fine dosing packing station