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solids Locking valves for bulk solids

Despite the broad range of available shut-off devices for solids it can be quite a challenge to find a suitable device for a particular set of requirements.

Requirements might be, for instance:

Pressure-resistant, dustproof and reliable

  • abrasive or poorly flowing bulk solids
  • at temperatures exceeding 200 °C
  • with high availability through long seal maintenance intervals and low-maintenance operation
  • compact design
  • preventing any escape of product or gases to the outside

As of May 2002, shut-off devices for bulk solids with operating pressures exceeding 0.5 bars are required to fulfil the new Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Typical shut-off devices for bulk solids:

  • Slide gate valve
  • Rotary gate valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Chambered airlocks
  • Segmented shut-off devices



Detailed specifications can be found in the DATASHEETS

Slide Gate Types FSH-FSP-FSE

Dust tight locking of powdery to granular bulk solids, with different flange dimensions, as a emergency valve, f.e. for maintenance and as a process valve, measurement fabrication.


Slide Gate Types FSH-FSP-FSE

Datasheet Slide Gate FSH-Basic

Datasheet Slide Gate FSH-Clean

Datasheet Slide Gate FSP-Basic

Datasheet Slide Gate FSP-Clean

Datasheet Slide Gate FSE-Basic

Dust Tight Slide Gates

Dust tight and pressure tight locking of bulk solids with pneumatic activated hollow sectioning sealing, measurement fabrication.


Dust Tight Slide Gates

Pivoting Shutter Type SSP

Pressure tight locking valve for pressure-/vacuum-hoppers, pipelines or reactors, free passage when open, shutting disc is not leaving the housing when open/close position.


Pivoting Shutter Type SSP

Datasheet Pivoting Shutter SSP-Heavy

Chamber Valve Type DSP

Lock out and dosing out of a pressure-/vacuum-system or lock in f.e. into a reactor, filling and discharge discontinously, interlock for gases and vapours.


Chamber Valve Type DSP 

Butterfly Valve Types DKA-DKH

Dust tight, pressure tight and vacuum tight locking valve for silos, hoppers and pipelines, special design for bulk solids, simple and low-cost design, low height, easy to dismantle and to maintain. 


Flap Valve Types DKP-DKH

Datasheet Butterfly Valve DKH-Basic

Datasheet Butterfly Valve DKH-Clean

Datasheet Butterfly valve DKA-Basic

Datasheet Butterfly valve DKA-Clean

Butterfly Valve DKA-D-Clean

solids Disc valve Type DKA-Hygienic

Special design for bulk solids,
Hygienic Design acc. to EHEDG-Guidelines

solids Disc valve Type DKA-Hygienic

Datasheet Disc valve DKA-Hygienic

Segment Locking Valves Type BPP

Locking valve under silos and hoppers for lumpy products, reliable design, large sections.