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Weighing equipmentDispositivos de pesajeÉquipements pour pesage
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solids Weighing equipment

Weighing includes all methods of mass determination used in a system, including the use of mechanics, electronics, controls and peripherals.

A scale's method of operation is determined by the process conditions: Either continuous operation or batch operation is required.

A scale consists of the following components: A tray for holding goods for weighing until their discharge, a load frame/weighing module, peripherals including supply and discharge metering devices, a measuring amplifier with mass indicator, and a metering control unit.



Detailed specifications can be found in the DATASHEETS

Rotating Bowl Scale GiroScale Type GSC

Weighing hopper, 180° rotable for emptying, very compact design, scale capability up to 50 kg, very high accuracy, ideal for small components +- 1 g.


Rotating Bowl Scale GiroScale Type GSC

Weighing and dosing processor

Datasheet Rotating Bowl Scale GSC-Clean

Flexible Scales FlexScale Type FSC

Especialy suitable for sticky products, flexible scale-hopper made of rubber, lock with free section when open, reliable total emptying. 




Hopper Scales Type BSG/BSN

Weighing hopper, direct on load cells type BSG, or on guided scale frame in a parallel handle bar system type BSN, avoiding disturbing forces, with mechanical tare compensation, according to accuracy demand. 


Hopper Scales Type BSG/BSN


Datasheet Hopper scale BSG-Basic

Datasheet Hopper scale BSG-Clean

Vacuum Scales Type SVN

Combination of pneumatic vacuum conveying with hopper scale and dosing for compose charges.


Vacuum Scales Type SVN

Suction scales

Conveyor Scales Type PHS/PIS

Hopper scale, designed as a pneumatic push conveyor in a scale frame to avoid disturbing forces, suitable for compose charges and/or material balancing.





Liquid Scales Type LSC

This scale has a well dosing accuracy and a simple design, suitable for feed and substraction dosing.






Pipe Loop Scales Type PLS

Continuous determination of the product density in a running process.







Loss-in-weight scales Type LWS

Constant controlled flow rate per time unit by optimal use of the scale signal.

Datasheet Loss-in-weight scale LWS Hygienic-Dry




Loss-in-weight scales for minimum capacities from 0,05g/s

Fulfil hygienic requirements of food- and pharma-industry 


Loss-in-weight scales for minimum capacities from 0,05g/s

Case study batch feeder